prod-tyron-subProduct code:EPS EN 13163 T2-L3-W3-S5-P10-BS150-CS(10)100-DS(N)5-DS(70,-)2-DLT(1)5. Expanded polysterene foam boadrs TYRON ROOF EPS 100-038 are produced from foamed polystyrene. The advanced technologies applied in the production process guarantee the highest quality.

Technical characteristic:

  • Overall heat-transfer coefficient: 0,038 W/mK (14)
  • Reaction to fire: EUROCLASS E
  • Standard dimention: 1000x500mm
  • Thickness: 10 ? 250 mm
  • Straight or milled edges


  • Thermal insulation for foundation walls and cellar walls with anti-water insulation regularly loaded;
  • Thermal insulation of floors on the ground with the subfloor regularly loaded;
  • The core of wall and roof laminar boards with the tar facing;
  • Thermal insulation of ceillings under a subfloor, moderately loaded;
  • Thermal insulation on rafters;
  • Thermal insulation of flat roofs;
  • Thermal insulation of taraces and balconies;
  • Thermal insulation for the floor haeting system;
  • Insulation of ceillings over an udercrossing; heat insulation in precast layered boards; thermal insulation of socles in outer complex insulation;
  • Thermal insulation of floors under the base made up of precast boards;

TYRON ROOF EPS 100 038 complies with the standard PN-EN 13163-2012 and bears the Certificate of Comformity issued by Building Research Institute in Warsaw.